We didn't have much planned for day 7, we just knew that we needed to make it to our reservations for the night in Kaikoura.  It's about 4 to 4.5 hours if you just drive it straight through.  Before we began our drive, we decided to check out the market in downtown Motueka.  They didn't have much there that we found interesting, but we did find out that there is a quite a market for used books in New Zealand.  We found out later how expensive books actually were in New Zealand, so that explains why there were so many used books for sale at the market.

After the market, we started driving.  About and hour and a half into the drive we came across a small park called Pelorus Scenic Bridge.  We had read about it in the NZ Frenzy book and decided to stretch our legs on the trail.  It was a nice little walk and a good way to break up the drive.

Pelorus Scenic Bridge

We continued on with our drive which took us right through a region with tons of wineries so we decided to stop in and sample some wines.

Fields of grapes

We stopped at a few wineries and my parents bought a couple of bottles of wine.  We then continued on towards Kaikoura.  We got a little nervous because I was planning to fill up gas in a town between Blenheim and Kaikoura.  There was a gas station in the GPS, but when we got there, it was unattended and didn't take foreign credit cards or gas.  We were able to speak to someone at a store and she told us there was another station about 10 miles up the road.  We were very glad to hear that or we would have had to turn around and drive about 45 minutes back to a larger town.  We drove the 10 miles and found the gas station as advertised.  We were pretty leery, because the station wasn't in the GPS, but it was exactly where she said it would be. We filled up and continued on with our drive through the rolling countryside.  Pretty soon we could see the coast and got rewarded with an amazing view.  I just hopped out of the car and snapped a quick photo and it turned out to be one of my favorite from the whole trip.

Eastern coast near Kaikoura

We drove on down the coast and stopped off at a fur seal colony

Seals playing in the surf

We then made a quick stop at a waterfall right near the seal colony.

We then headed in to town to find our lodging for the night.  We had booked two cottages at Bay Cottages. We pulled in and met the owner Graham, and he showed us to our cottages.  The cottages were a great value at $120NZ for us and $100NZ for my parents.  They were very spacious, clean, and well maintained.  We headed to downtown to find supper.  Tyler and I ate at a takeout fish and chips place while Erin and my parents got pizza.  The fish and chips were excellent and dirt cheap.  The pizza was fine, but nothing too exciting.  We headed back to our cottages and got ready for the next day.

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