Denver Museum of Nature & Science

March 3rd, 2012

We had been talking about going to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for a while.  We almost went in January, but we found out that they were getting close to opening a new exhibit on snakes and lizards.  We decided to wait for that to be open before we went.  We woke up and decided today would be the day to hit the museum.  The drive took about an hour and we were there at a few minutes after 9:00 when it opened.  We decided to get a year long membership so that we could come back whenever we wanted and we wouldn't feel like we needed to see the whole museum in one visit.  As we were waiting in line to get tickets, we started to see some cool skeletons.  The main lobby area has several nice specimens to see.

Giant fossils and skeletons

Our first stop was the snakes and lizards exhibit.  I'm glad we went there first as it was very busy already by the time we were leaving.  We got to see quite a few different species of lizards and snakes in their cages.  We even got to see a lady feeding live crickets to a group of lizards.  That was pretty cool.

Cool snakes and lizards

Tyler got a chance to have some fun with a green screen.
Tyler with a giant snake!

We then walked through an exhibit on African birds and animals.  Tyler actually enjoyed that more than I expected.  Next we went to the dinosaur and fossil exhibit.  It was really well done and as you walked you went forward in time.  You started out at the creation of the Earth and end at the time of mammoths.  We got to see lots of different fossils from the different periods, from early ocean life, to large dinosaurs, to mammals.  Some of the fossils on display were even found when they built the Denver airport.

Dinosaur skulls

Our last stop at the museum was the body and life exhibit.  It was pretty neat, at they gave you cards as you entered and you got to interact with various exhibits and the data was stored on your card.  When you finished you got to print out stuff about all of the activities you did.

After the museum, we went to IKEA for lunch and some shopping.  Tyler just managed to be short enough to use the playland while Erin and I shopped.  We found quite a few things for Tyler's new room, so after he was done playing we made him walk through and look at a new desk, some shelving, and a new bed frame and shelving system.  He liked it all, so we picked it all up and went through the checkout.  It only took us about 20 minutes to figure out how to get us and all of those boxes into the Corolla, but we did it.  When we started, there were some IKEA employees that were standing off to the side laughing at us.  Unfortunately, they left before we succeeded in getting it all in the car.

We got all of that into the Corolla.

Luckily, it only took about an hour to get back home since both Erin and Tyler had pretty uncomfortable riding positions.

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