Japan Vacation Trip Report

Cherry Blossoms in Ueno Park

Since we didn't get to go on any real vacations in 2012 due to moving, we decided for 2013 we should go somewhere new, different, and exciting. We threw out lots of different ideas. Tyler really wanted to go back to New Zealand, but Erin and I wanted to go somewhere new. We had never been to Asia, so we thought it would be a good place to visit. I've always been intrigued by Japanese culture and their technology. Once we did a little bit of research, we found out how much amazing history there was to see there as well, so we booked tickets for Tyler's spring break.  This was Tyler's 2nd trip out of the country and quite a bit different than New Zealand.  The nice thing about New Zealand is how similar it is to the US.  Except for the long plane ride, New Zealand is about as easy a foreign country to visit as you can find.  But because of that, it also doesn't really give you a chance to experience another culture.  Japan definitely gave us this opportunity.  From the language barrier, to the cultural differences, to the crowds, Japan was certainly an experience like none we have ever had before.

Some of the items we brought with us:
Interesting Facts:
100 Japanese Yen = ~$1.05 at the time of our visit. Easiest way to do the math: take 2 zeros off the price and add 5%.

Day 0 - Fort Collins, CO to Tokyo, Japan

Day 1 - Tokyo Skytree, Ryogoku, and Asakusa

Day 2 - Ueno and Akihabara

Day 3 - Mt. Takao and Harajuku to Shibuya

Day 4 - Shinkansen to Osaka and Aquarium

Day 5 - Osaka

Day 6 - Arashiyama and Kinkakuji

Day 7 - Fushimi Inari and Nara

Day 8 - Hiroshima

Day 9 - Kyoto

Day 10 - Shinkansen to Tokyo and Risupia

Day 11 - Odaiba

Day 12 - Sumida River Cruise and Cherry Blossoms

Day 13 - Rainy Day and Flight Home

Food and Souvenirs

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